Timeshare & Shared Ownership:


Length 75 Ft / 22.86 m
Beam 22 Ft / 6.7 m
Levels 4
Engines Twin 260 hp V8's
Generator CO SAFE 20 kW
Capacity 24
Cabins 6
King 1
Queen 4
Cuddy 1


At Lake Powell Timeshares, we facilitate the design and launch of houseboats on Lake Powell and bring together a group of owners who each purchase an equal share of a Limited Liability Corporation which grants them use of the boat for set prime week dates every year, and access to the boat at any other time year round.

Fractional Ownership:

Often referred to as fractional ownership, shared ownership timeshares are a way for like minded individuals to share in the cost of a high priced asset that would otherwise be unpractical to own by themselves. Today, as shared ownership gains popularity, ownership groups are being formed more frequently than ever before, allowing families the ability to more feasibly enjoy the luxury and comfort of private ownership at a fraction of the price. Fractional ownership is prevalent for such things as condos at expensive ski resort areas, airplanes, and of course, for luxury houseboats on premiere lakes like Lake Powell.