Questions and Answers:


Length 75 Ft / 22.86 m
Beam 22 Ft / 6.7 m
Levels 4
Engines Twin 260 hp V8's
Generator CO SAFE 20 kW
Capacity 24
Cabins 6
King 1
Queen 4
Cuddy 1

Q: Who is Lake Powell Timeshares?
A: Lake Powell Timeshares is a company selling fractional ownership of luxury houseboats on Lake Powell.

Q: What is fractional ownership?
A: Fractional ownership basically means the division of any asset into portions or shares.

Q: Are owners allowed to smoke or have pets aboard the houseboat?
A: No, neither smoking nor pets are permitted upon a Lake Powell Timeshare houseboat.

Q: Can I split the cost of a share with someone else?
A: Absolutely! Lake Powell Timeshares allows two official owners to be listed per share. Each person listed is 100% entitled to and responsible their share of the houseboat. While some owners choose to go on the trip together, others choose to alternate using the prime weeks every other year. Both owners would also be able to book the boat for off season use for a per night fee.

Q: How is ownership of the houseboat structured?:
A: The boat is setup as an LLC which each owner as a shareholder and each share entitled the owner to a specific date range / in sequence prime trip each year and access to off-peak weeks year-round.

Q: Are their owners meetings?
A: There are annual meetings held by the boat owners for each shared ownership houseboat to consider certain items of business such as upgrades, or change of Management Company.

Q: Where are the meetings held?
A: Meetings are held via conference call typically once per year for about an hour or two.

Q: Do I get to vote:
A: Yes. Each share owner is entitled to vote.

Q: Do I have to vote:
A: No, but it's always nice to be counted.

Q: Can I request that something be voted on?
A: Sure. Just call in during the annual meeting, or send an email to the management company with what you would like to see happen, and it will be added to the agenda and voted on.

Q: Do I have to attend meetings:
A: No, but it is encouraged.

Q: Who facilitates the meeting and takes the minutes?
A: The management company oversees and facilitates the annual meetings and other meetings if needed.

Q: Are there elected officers of the LLC?
A: Yes. Each year, a President, Secretary, and Treasurer, they must be owners on the houseboat and the position is nominated and elected once per year.

Q: Am I allowed to rent my share out to someone else?
A: No. Renting of houseboats to non-owners is against federal law and strictly prohibited in the rules and regulations of the houseboat.

Q: Am I allowed to let a friend use my share one year?
A: No. A legally named owner must be present on the trip and must present photo I.D. when checking on/off.

Q: What do the annual dues cover?
A: Annual dues cover the management fee, scheduling services, slip rental fee (if boat is kept in slip), launch & retrieve fees (if boat is kept in dry dock), general maintenance, insurance, registration / licensing, preventative maintenance, on lake maintenance / repairs as needed.

Q: Why are Lake Powell Timeshares maintenance fees lower than that of other companies offering fractional ownership on the lake?
A: We believe in setting up shared ownership so that enjoying luxury houseboats on Lake Powell is affordable, therefore, we look to lower everyone's costs by having more owners share in the cost.

Q: Is having fewer owners better?
A: To some, having fewer owners could be viewed as a benefit, we don't actually think it is. The main argument for having fewer owners is that it is less wear and tear on the boat. The problem with this argument, is that it fails to recognize that the boats is still on the lake for the same number of days each year, regardless of how many owners, and the boat has no way of knowing that that time was shared by fewer people.

Q: What are the benefits of having more owners?
A: Well, for starters, your buy-in price is lower. If the cost of a new boat is being shared with 15 other owners, verses just 8 other owners, you will be able to purchase a share at a much lower price. Also, since maintenance / management, and slip rental fees annually are the same no matter how many owners there are, your annual dues will be much lower with more owners sharing in the cost. Also, if there were ever the need to replace a major item on the boat, this burden would be shared among more owners, reducing everyone's liability.

Q: How is the boat managed?
A: Lake Powell Timeshares houseboats will be maintained in-house during the initial launch and first year of operations. Management of the boat is then overseen by a professional third party management company thereafter. The company is responsible for maintenance of the boat, turn-around service, and making sure everyone's vacation goes smoothly.

Q: Is there bedding and towels on the boat?
A: Bed sheets and towels are provided by Antelope Point if requested.

Q: Do I have to have boating experience to operate a Lake Powell Timeshares Houseboat?
A: No. However owners with no prior experience are provided the necessary instruction by an authorized USCG approved trainer as is required by insurance and GCNRA regulations. With an attitude of always keeping the safety of the passengers and the well-being of the boat top of mind, hundreds of trips are successfully completed by amateur house-boaters each year. Upon purchasing your share, Lake Powell Timeshares sends each new owner a welcome packet which includes instructions on the safely operating your boat. Our staff is also available anytime, before, during or after your trip to assist you with any questions you might have. Lastly, the houseboat management company is always standing by at the marina to assist you with any difficulties and can actually send a representative to you up lake if required.

Q: If I buy a share of a new Lake Powell Timeshares houseboat, will you help me sell my old share?
A: Yes. Any customer of Lake Powell Timeshares wishing to sell their existing share on another boat can take advantage of our consignment services free of charge. We list your share on our website, and help you picture it if none are currently available. As leads come in, we refer interested buyers directly to you.

Q: What happens if the owners on the trip before me damages the boat, or leaves it a mess?
A: The check on / check off times are scheduled to allow the crews at the marina enough time to completely clean the boat and make any needed repairs under normal circumstances.

Q: Does the houseboat / LLC have insurance?
A: Yes. The houseboat is fully covered should replacement be required liability coverage.
Q: Do Jet Skis / PWC's come with the boat?
A: No, however all boats are equipped with at least two PWC ramps, electric winching system, and electric fuel pump on board.

Q: What is the water temperature at Lake Powell?
A: Depending on what time of year it is, the water temperatures can reach 80 degrees.