Lake Powell


Length 75 Ft / 22.86 m
Beam 22 Ft / 6.7 m
Levels 4
Engines Twin 260 hp V8's
Generator CO SAFE 20 kW
Capacity 24
Cabins 6
King 1
Queen 4
Cuddy 1

Lake Powell:

At Lake Powell Timeshares, we agree with all who consider Lake Powell to be one of the greatest places on earth, and we hope to help those trying to decide, to make up their minds. You see, to many, it’s no longer a question as to whether or not Lake Powell is their favorite place, but rather, which part! But why? Some say it’s the amazing views, the warm water, and the sense of adventure that keeps Lake Powell so near and dear to their hearts, while others simply describe the feeling they have when on the lake as almost, well, indescribable. It’s that feeling you get when the fun accelerates, time slows down, and your entire world becomes your happy place. It’s the perfect balance between natural and man-made, between freedom and rules, and a beautiful marriage of our past, our present, and our hope for a future of safe returns and many more trips to Lake Powell. And when your spirit is captured by the magic of this place, you can’t help but want to share it with others, have it once more, and find a way back once again, maybe on an even nicer boat! To bring your kids or your grandkids once again, to see them enjoy their time on Lake Powell now a year older – to be in a place and share in an experience that to many, just never gets old.

It’s the sense of adventure that comes from setting out on your very own houseboat, or setting out from your houseboat on your own jet skis, and that nervous twinge of adrenalin that rushes over you as you can’t help but feel at least slightly intimidated by the enormity of your surroundings, the depth of the water – the height of the canyon walls, and you can’t help but feel more in tune with what matters most in your life. And if you think about it, a trip to Lake Powell is far more than just another boat trip, it’s an expression of what it is to be an American, and to be free to pursue our own happiness, and to reap the rewards of our own hard work, and that of those that came before us, those that won the west, and blazed the trail and did things on a scale almost unimaginable today – or perhaps, it’s about carrying on the traditions of those that first brought us.

Time on Lake Powell can bring us closer to a feeling of inner peace, and a view of the world that bends more towards the miraculous, and further away from the ills that plague our troubled times. It can ground us, and affirm the simplest truths of life, bring us closer to the ones we love, and have us feeling fortunate to be lucky enough to spend some of our days in such an amazing place.

At Lake Powell Timeshares, we hope to play a part in helping you create your own traditions, pursue your own happiness, and of course, to do it in grand style.

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