Current Promotions


SAVE BIG! Up to $7,000 off already competitive prices.

How does this work?

During this new promotional period, January 1st thru July 15th 2013 and get the largest discount available of $7,000, 2nd share sold gets $5,000 off, 3rd gets $3,000 off and all other shares sold during promotional period will be discounted $1,000 off current list price. This is only valid during the promotional period.

Once our order with manufacturer is placed, prices will go up!
• $7,000 Discount off for the 3rd share sold now till July 15th
• $5,000 Discount off the 4th share sold now till July 15th
• $3,000 Discount off the 5th share sold now till July 15th
• $1,000 Discount off all other shares sold now till July 15th.


During the promotional period, the standard deposit of $10,000 to reserve your share and take your dates off the market is 75% off! That’s right! You can reserve your share today for only $2,500. Offer ends July 15th 2013.

“One Wish” 75 X 22 Bravada will be an amazing boat at an amazing price, but it will only happen if we get enough orders to justify the build.

So join us now, and help make it happen! You have nothing to lose.
Done with renting? Current share just not what it used to be?
Place a deposit, secure your share, and help us get it done!


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